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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cagayan De Oro To Davao City Bus Fare

Hi Guys, it been a while since my last update to this blog..this is update July 2, 2014

Another travel i have taken is a Cagayan De Oro City to Davao City Via Buda. This is a 7 to 9 hours travel across the Bukidnon province. There are 3 Major stopovers including the destination along this route, but there are numerous minor stopovers too. Major stopover are as follows from Cagayan De Oro : Malaybalay City, Valencia City and lastly Davao City. Minor stopovers are as follows: Quarantine area Manolo Fortich, Maramag, and Buda to name a few. A straight ticket would cost as follows:

Cagayan De Oro City to Davao City (Non Stop) = Php600.00

Cagayan De Oro City to Davao City (4 Stop) = Php535.00

Cutting trip fares between major stopovers would have the following prices

Cagayan De Oro City to Malaybalay City = Php145.00

Malaybalay City to Valencia City = Php45.00

Valencia City to Davao City = Php = Php345.00

Bus Traveling to Davao and Vice Versa is available 24/7


  1. What are the time schedule for the trip from CDO to Davao City? Thank you.

  2. Hi jeziel CDO to Davao is 24/7 available

  3. Thank you for posting this. I am planning to go to Davao next week. Very helpful post.

  4. Hi Jo! your very much welcome hope the blog helps you budget your money for davao...

  5. thanks for this info as we're planning a trip to cdo by end of august. much appreciated :)

  6. how much is the fare from cagayan to davao by now?