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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cagayan De Oro To Davao City Bus Fare

Hi Guys, it been a while since my last update to this blog..this is update July 2, 2014

Another travel i have taken is a Cagayan De Oro City to Davao City Via Buda. This is a 7 to 9 hours travel across the Bukidnon province. There are 3 Major stopovers including the destination along this route, but there are numerous minor stopovers too. Major stopover are as follows from Cagayan De Oro : Malaybalay City, Valencia City and lastly Davao City. Minor stopovers are as follows: Quarantine area Manolo Fortich, Maramag, and Buda to name a few. A straight ticket would cost as follows:

Cagayan De Oro City to Davao City (Non Stop) = Php600.00

Cagayan De Oro City to Davao City (4 Stop) = Php535.00

Cutting trip fares between major stopovers would have the following prices

Cagayan De Oro City to Malaybalay City = Php145.00

Malaybalay City to Valencia City = Php45.00

Valencia City to Davao City = Php = Php345.00

Bus Traveling to Davao and Vice Versa is available 24/7


  1. What are the time schedule for the trip from CDO to Davao City? Thank you.

  2. Hi jeziel CDO to Davao is 24/7 available

  3. Thank you for posting this. I am planning to go to Davao next week. Very helpful post.

  4. Hi Jo! your very much welcome hope the blog helps you budget your money for davao...